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Hi, I’m Jordan. I began a lifetime practice of yoga and meditation in 1969. I studied yoga and Ayurvedic philosophy in India where I was certified as a registered yoga teacher. In 2009 I began the study and practice of TWIM under the monk Bhante Vimalaramsi. In 2019, I certified as a TWIM meditation guide and teacher and began leading online loving-kindness courses across the United States. 


Based on my experience, I strongly believe that if you commit to this process, amazing life transforming developments can happen, and most likely will happen. They happened to me. 

Truly wonderful things happened to me, I am blessed. I am a different better person as a result and these changes are permanent. And I wish for all of those looking for the path, TWIM is it. Look no further


My interest in meditation began early in life, but bloomed seven years ago when I began studying with the monk Bhante Vimalaramsi and meditating daily.  What I was not expecting was the profound and sustained shifts in perception, mood, and overall well-being. I have since dedicated my career to the study and teaching of meditation and its transformational effects.


Hi, I’m Ann. I am semi-retired sister, wife, and a mother. I am a gardener. I have been a meditator since 1973 when I met my “Great Friend,” who introduced me to meditation and he introduced me to his teacher.

I am so grateful to all my friends and teachers for their support and guidance with my meditation practice. I would be honoured to now help guide others who are interested in learning meditation and making it part of their life.


I’ve spent many years seeking, trying out all kinds of spiritual and meditation practices. I found TWIM in 2014 and made having a meditaiton practice a priority in my life.

TWIM has transformed me in ways I didn’t know possible! 🙂

Now I’m happy to be a meditation guide, with an emphasis on beginning meditators, or those new to TWIM.